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Date: 07/04/2009
Author: Walid Ammar MD, Ph.D.
Source: World Health Organization
Health Beyond Politics-2009

Despite political crises, economic austerity and military conflicts, the health sector in Lebanon did not loose ground. Studies reveal that over the last decade, the health status of the population has been improving along with lessening inequities in terms of both accessibility and health outcomes. Evidence shows also that during the same period, the GDP share of health expenditures decreased significantly, mostly as a result of a meaningful reduction in households’ out-of-pocket spendings. 

How can progress be made in times of widening political and confessional discord, economic recession and devastating wars? This book pays tribute to those guided by science, professional ethics and human values, who despite the insecurity and hard working conditions, persevered in contributing to alleviate pain, reduce morbidity and mortality, improve quality of life and promote social progress.

Health beyond politics is not just a book on health, it is most of all about resilience. It holds one’s responsibility in taking part in building a modern healthy society.  
 I- The Continuing Challenges
 II- Provision and Providers of Health Services
 III-Health System Financing
 V- Accreditation of Hospitals
 VI-Assesment and Prospects of health Strategies
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