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The National E-Health Program

According to decision No.1/227 of 04/03/2013
The National E-Health Program established into 4/3/2013 within the Ministry of Public Health with the aim of developing the health sector and enhancing the quality of health care through the use of ICT. This program under the leadership of Mrs. Lina Abou Mrad is a division of the Directorate General of Health and should fulfill the tasks mentioned in article 2 of this decision.
The tasks of E- Health National Program shall include the following:
  • Improve the health information systems and data base and establish a data center for health information
  • Supervise the management and implementation of the E-government
  • Ensure interoperability by exchanging information and data electronically with the central administration and linking the Ministry of Public Health with the different public administrations and syndicates
  • Adopt M-health technology by using different means of communication such as smart phones and wireless devices to disseminate information and provide health services
  • Develop E-prescription to reduce the medical errors and bill and ensure the safety of drug prescription
  • Introduce Telemedicine through the use and exchange of medical information from a geographic location to another by electronic means of communication to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for individuals, in particular to people living in remote areas, those with disabilities and elderly
  • Provide E-learning to train the Ministry’s employees and the staff specialized in health informatics who are able to keep up with developments in IC. This will also ensure continued development of the skills and competencies of health workers
  • Abide by the ethics of E-health by preserving the credibility, confidentiality and privacy of information through the establishment of security and privacy principles that govern the use of information and the right to access them
  • Cooperate with the national and international stakeholders to keep up with developments and exchange expertise in this field 
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