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Expanded Program on Immunization

Background and Definition
Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), established in 1987, aimes at guaranteeing the right of every child in Lebanon, regardless of social status or parent's education level, on immunization and protection from diseases that have available effective and safe vaccines. In order to ensure that, the Ministry of Public Health guarantees the provision of vaccines in  700 health care centers, public and social, in collaboration with the private sector and with the conitnuous awareness of care givers about the importance of immunization. The program provides further special attention to chidlren residing in remote and underprivileged areas through quality outreach activities.
EPI ِAims at:
  1. Elevating routine vaccination coverage per district to above 95%.
  2. Preserving Lebanon as polio-free, considering the continuous influx of Syrian refugees and in preparation to the eradication of polio in the region and worldwide.
  3. Eradicating Measles and Rubella by the end of year 2018.
EPI Activities:
  1. Continuous training and capacity building throughout the year for health care workers on routine vaccination management and implementation in all districs.
  2. Continuous work to keep Lebanon certified polio-free
  3. Implementation of the RED STRATEGY to reach every child, which includes:
    1. Data on the immunization coverage for children under one year of age
    2. Data on immunization coverage in Lebanon
    3. Identification of the number of drop-outs and planning to ensure their vaccination per district accordingly
  4. Celebrating World Immunization Week and planning awareness sessions over Lebanon about routine vaccination 
  5. Conducting National and Mop-Up Immunization campaigns annually, including vaccination against Measles, Rubella, and Mumps
  6. Conducting regular visits by the self-assessment team to follow on the quality of vaccination delivery service 
  7. Continuous collaboration with UNICEFand WHO to follow-up on updates related to immunization worldwide and ensuring implementation in Lebanon considering national and international commitments
  8. Continuous collaboration with the private sector (General Practictioners and Pediatricians) to ensure vaccination for all children in Lebanon, particularly during immunization campaigns and routine immunization.
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