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INFANRIX HEXA - - 1 x 0.5ml

ATC B/G Ingredients code Registration Nb Name Dosage Presentation Form Route Agent Laboratory Country Price Pharmacist Margin Stratum Responsible Party Name Responsible Party Country Exch_date
J07CA09 B Diphteria toxoid purified (Prefilled syringe) - ?30IU/0.5ml, Tetanus toxoid purified (prefilled syringe) - ?40IU/0.5ml, Bordetella pertussis antigen (Prefilled syringe) - toxoid 25mcg+filamentous haemaglutinin 25mcg+pertactin 8mcg/0.5ml, Poliomyelitis virus type 1 antigen (prefilled syringe) - 40D.U./0.5ml, Poliomyelitis virus type 2 antigen(prefilled syringe) - 8D.U./0.5ml, Poliomyelitis virus type 3 antigen (prefilled syringe) - 32D.U./0.5ml, HBs Antigen (prefilled syringe) - 10mcg/0.5ml, H. Influenza type b polysaccharide (Vial) - 10mcg/0.5ml 5394 23864/07 INFANRIX HEXA 1 x 0.5ml Injectable suspension IM Abela Frères S.A.L. GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals SA Belgium 71,462 L.L 23.08 B 06/05/2020
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