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MOPH Mobile Application


“Haak bi Idak… Wajebna nfidik”

Under the theme “Haak bi Idak… Wajebna nfidik”, the minister of Public Health Ali Hasan Khalil launched this afternoon the first mobile application within the national E-Health programme. This app aims at providing general services through the dissemination of information related to the services provided by the Ministry of Public Health and the way to access them with modern ICT and social media.

The Director of the national E-Health programme Mrs. Lina Abou Mrad introduced the goals and applications of the programme that grants every citizen the right to access the suitable information from the administration to get the required service. The application enables the citizen to keep informed on the prices of registered drugs and the conditions of benefiting from the drugs provided by the Ministry for chronic or incurable diseases … a guide for the governmental and private hospitals, the names of the inspection doctors working for them, the primary health care centers, the awareness campaigns of the ministry, the section of complaints, the links to the website, the sanitary materials uploaded to You Tube and all the activities of the ministry… in the best and fastest possible means. It activates as well the accountability through the adoption of a procedure to lodge complaints.

The head of Medical Professions Department Antoine Romanos then introduced projects to enhance and facilitate the procedures at the ministry through this application, most important of which: the improvement of the conduct of procedures and the related regulations, the adoption of transparency to improve the public service, a better understanding of the citizens’ needs, the simplification of procedures to end the unnecessary or expensive forms of regulation, the use of the ICT STOP SHOP, the review of the rules and regulations to keep up with the administrative development and the introduction of the ONE stop Shop for the administrative transactions…

Minister Khalil noted that the meeting is to renew the confidence that has always existed in the state and institutions and their ability to accomplish great achievements. This is one the achievements of the Ministry of Public health’s team, administrators and employees. However it was clear that when the idea of the introduction of this app was advanced for the service of the Lebanese citizen, a team of administrators was fully ready. Khalil commended the role of Mrs. Abou Mrad and her commitment to provide all the necessary data for the application.

Minister Khalil handed out certificates of recognition to those who contributed in the completion of the work.
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