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National Guidelines for Tuberculosis Prevention, Care and Elimination in Lebanon- 2017

Lebanon is a low TB burden country with estimated incidence of 16/100000, prevalence of 20/100000 and TB mortality rate of 1/100000.
The National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) in Lebanon operates through the PHC network and nine TB control centers across the country and implements all WHO recommended TB strategies: DOTS, stop TB, and End TB strategy. The NTP has a high treatment success rate of 90% among Lebanese nationals. However, the treatment success rate remains below the desired among the non-Lebanese patients where almost 50% in these groups leave the country before the completion of their treatment. Noting that currently over half of the persons referred to the program for investigation and treatment are non-Lebanese among whom one third are of Syrian nationality…

These guidelines aim to help healthcare workers deal with TB patients and are part of our national prevention strategy. Adopting these guidelines and measures will certainly help in decreasing the overall incidence of the disease at the national level.
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