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Case Study on the Digital Transformation of Health Systems in Lebanon

Under the supervision of the Program’s Director Ms. Lina Abou Mrad, and as part of a full-time specialized internship, Ms. Karen Rizkallah and Mr. Hussein AlShamali from the MPH Program at American University of Beirut and with the support of a digital transformation expert, Ms. Doris Mouawad, in conducting interviews with the stakeholders, the National E-Health Program at the ministry of public health took part of the Global Research Consortium that was established by “Transform Health” (a coalition of organisations that advocate for the equitable digital transformation of health systems - to achieve health for all) for the development of “CLOSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: MORE AND BETTER FUNDING FOR THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF HEALTH” Report.

The Global Research Consortium brought together regional and global partners and young people from around the world to contribute to the development of a conceptual framework to guide investments and action towards health for all in the digital age.
This Conceptual Framework outlines the amount, focus and nature of the investments needed to support the equitable, inclusive and sustainable digital transformation of health systems in low- and lower-middle-income countries and offers recommendations for how that transformation should occur.
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