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Japanese Emergency Grant Aid



Emergency Grant Aid for the Republic of Lebanon FY2013
The Government of the Republic of Lebanon has received a grant of 800,000,000 yen from the Government of Japan for the provision of Japanese Goods and Services, in response to the influx of Syrian refugees into the Republic of Lebanon. The following items will be procured for the Ministry of Public Healthwithin the budget allocation of 500,000,000 yen:
・Medical equipment for hospitals

Eligible bidders must fully comply with the eligibility conditions stated in the tender documents and be one of the following A) or B).

A) Japanese companies incorporated and registered under Japan Law with their headquarters in Japan, and shall be controlled by Japanese physical persons. Any firms, who fall under any of the items of Article 26, paragraph 1 of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (Gaikokukawase-oyobi-Gaikokuboeki-Ho, Law No.228 of 1949, Japan), shall not be regarded as being controlled by Japanese physical persons.

B) Lebanese companies registered with the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Trade and Economy with their Head Quarters in Lebanon and controlled by Lebanese physical persons. They must be formally authorized by the relevant Japanese manufacturer(s) or distributor(s) to supply the required goods.
Joint ventures shall be permitted where all members of the joint venture meet the eligibility criteria stated in the tender document.
Crown Agents Japan Limited was appointed as a procurement agent on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health under this Grant.

Further information is available on Crown Agents’ website:
It is a prerequisite for all companies wishing to participate in the bid invitations that they must register their interest by completing the 'Supplier registration form' locate in the section of ‘Suppliers’ of the Crown Agents’ website. In the supplierregistration form, please indicate the categories of goods that you are interested in supplying in the column of “Additional details”. Once you have submitted the supplier registration form, this information will automatically be sent to the grant manager responsible for this grant and the tender documents will be distributed to the eligible bidders at a later stage.         
Crown Agents does not undertake to preselect all companies applying.
For further information please contact: Kosuzu Fukuda (Ms.)
Crown Agents Japan Limited
YasukuniKudan Minami Building 4F
2-3-14 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-0074
T: +81 (0) 3 3262 8595
F: +81 (0) 3 3262 6510
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