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The MoPH Calls on the Public Prosecution in Mount-Lebanon to Permanently Close Samih Al-Natour's Warehouse

The Information Office of the Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement:

According to what has been briefed by Ghobeiry Police Station to the Ministry on rotten meat found in Samih Al-Natour’s warehouse in Ghobeiry following an inspection conducted by the municipality, health inspectors examined the warehouse Tuesday 24/04/2018, and found rotten meat inside, which led to its closure by a decision taken by the governor of Mount-Lebanon.

However the seals were broken Tuesday night in an attempt to smuggle a quantity of rotten meat, but the security forces succeeded in thwarting the attempt.

Consequently, the Minister of Public Health demanded the public prosecution in Mount-Lebanon to permanently close Samih Al-Natour’s warehouse and take the most severe measures against its owner for the considerable harm he caused to the citizens’ health.

It should be noted that the warehouse’s owner was arrested and fined on 30/10/2013 for selling rotten meat. He was arrested again in November 2014 and October 2015.
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