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MoPH Closes Four Nurseries and Supsends their Licenses

The Information Office of the ministry of Public Health issued the following statement:

Upon complaints received by the Ministry of Public Health on violations in nurseries, a team from the Department of the Mother and Child at the Ministry conducted a field inspection and heard the complainants and the concerned persons in the nurseries. Therefore, the Minister of Public Health Ghassan Hasbani issued four decisions that stipulate the following:
  • Suspending the license of a nursery at Zouk Mikael after a child broke his arm due to an occupational accident. The nursery was closed until violations are dealt with.
  • Suspending the license of two nurseries in Chayyah and Tripoli after children have been repeatedly bitten. The two nurseries were closed for one month.
  • Suspending the license of a nursery in Jal El Dib after a child was verbally abused.
The suspension is considered as a final irrevocable warning in case the violations are not dealt with. In the event of repeated violations, the dossiers will be referred to the Ministries of Interior and Justice for legal and judicial prosecution.
The Ministry of Public Health calls on citizens to report any complaints regarding such violations to 1214.
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