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Lebanon Substitution Drug List

According to the Law No. 91 issued on 2010 related to the Pharmacist substitution right, the Ministry of Public Health conceived the Substitution Drug list. It is presented as a scientific, objective, reliable, accurate and accessible listing. This list is a helpful tool for Pharmacists and Health professionals and an information tool for patients as well.

The Substitution Drug List was compiled by a team of Pharmacists and Physicians from the Ministry of Public Health. It was inspired by the French Repertory of Generic Groups and the Lebanese National Drug Index (LNDI) which is the reference Guide for medicines in Lebanon.

The substitution could be done between an innovator product and a generic, based on the Ministry of Public Health Substitution list, providing that the product delivered is cheaper and has obtained the patient’s consent.

This Substitution Drug List, lists drugs, dosage forms, package sizes, drug strengths and other information registered at the Ministry of Public Health. It is divided into sections based on the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system. The Innovator product is listed before the Generic products.

Information is shown in a convenient format with trade information in italics:
  Trade Name & Strength   B=Brand
  Route Form Container Presentation Code MOPH Registration Number at MOPH
    Active Ingredients with their respective dosage    
    Agent importing product Manufacturer Country of Origin  
        Responsible Party Country of Responsible Party
Each medication listing contains the following information:
  • ATC classification and code.
  • Trade name and strength of the formulation as registered at the Ministry of Public Health (MOH)
  • Generic (G) or Brand product (B)
  • Composition of the marketed form with the corresponding dosage of each active ingredient.
  • Form &presentation.
  • The local importer (agent), manufacturer and identified country of origin.
  • The Responsible Party and identified country.
  • The Ministry of Public Health database serial number (Code MOH) and legal registration document number (MOH reg)
The Substitution Drug List can be accessed from the official website of the Ministry of Public Health:

The Substitution Drug List welcomes comments from healthcare professionals. Please send comments to:
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