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Date: 09/03/2020
Author: MoPH
Source: MoPH
The Daily Report on the Latest COVID-19 updates at Rafik Hariri University Hospital
Rafik Hariri University Hospital admitted within the last 24 hours:
  • 132 cases in the emergency bay that is especially dedicated for coronavirus cases. 23 of them were quarantined. The others remain in self-quarantine.
  • 122 lab tests were performed, 113 of which came back negative while 9 returned positive.
  • 16 people left today the hospital after they were tested negative.
  • There are 26 cases at the hospital’s quarantine so far.
  • The total number of the cases that were tested positive at the hospital’s lab rose to 41.
  • The total number of the confirmed cases at the hospital is 30. The other patients are being transferred to the hospital by a team from the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Four of the infected patients are in critical condition, the others are stable and receiving the necessary treatment in the isolation unit.
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