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Date: 20/04/2020
Author: NNA
Source: NNA
The Results of Tests Performed on 20/04/2020

Teams from the Ministry of Public Health proceeded today with the random PCR tests in the following five regions:

Hermel and the Lebanese-Syrian borders: 74 tests
Hasbaya and Rashaya hospitals: 85 tests
Burj Hammoud and Mansourieh in North-Metn: 71 tests
Tabarja in Kesrouan: 56 tests
Amioun and Kosba in Koura – North-Lebanon: 100 tests
This phase will also include five additional regions where tests will be administered tomorrow in order to have a clear representation of the infections and detect the positive cases that weren’t reported. This will also help decide on the measures that should be taken in the next phase and continue to control the spread of COVID-19.
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