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Summer Health Tips

Prepared by: Nutrition Department


  1. Drink water to prevent illness. 
  1. Eat fresh.
  2. Exercise regularly every day at least 30 min.
  1. Stop smoking and limit the intake of alcoholic drinks (No more than 2 drinks per day).

  1. Stay shady: prevent direct sunshine between 10 am and 4 pm. Wear sunglasses and Put sunscreen.
  2. Sleep well to protect your metabolism and physical health.

10 Step Plan for a Healthy Weight

  1. Eat more cooked food and stop eating Junk food.                                        
  2. Eat more whole grains instead of refined grains.
  3. Drink water (2L per day or more).
  4. Have at least 3 servings of vegetables a day.
  5. Start your day with a healthy breakfast.
  6. Reduce Saturated fats.
  7. Switch from full fat dairy products to low fat products.
  8. Add a meatless meal once a week.
  9. Include more fish in your diet.
  10. Have a healthy snack(s).

Healthy Foods for Healthy Organs

Eyes: Eat fresh, dark green, leafy vegetables.
                                                       Brain: Take Omega 3 fats and exercise regularly.
    Lungs: Stop Smoking and exercise regularly.
                                                      Heart: Reduce intake of saturated fats and exercise regularly.
Stomach and Intestines: Take probiotics (yogurt) and whole foods (fiber).
Joints: Take Omega 3, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and exercise regularly.
Skin: Dark green leafy vegetables (Spinach, Broccoli…), colored fruits rich in carotenoids, and take Omega 3.

7 Reasons to Stop Consuming Sugar:

  1. Sugar is highly addictive.
  2. Sugar causes Insulin Resistance which can cause Diabetes Type II.
  3. Sugar can cause tooth decay.
  4. It can cause overweight and obesity.
  5. It can cause cancer.
  6. It can raise the level of Cholesterol and Triglycerides which can lead to heart diseases.
  7. It can cause fatty liver.
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