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Date: 13/04/2020
Author: NNA
Source: NNA
Minister Hassan At Bahman Hospital: There Is No Financial Obstacle When It Comes To Citizen's Health

During his visit to Bahman Hospital, the Minister of Public Health Dr. Hamad Hasan announced in a statement that there was no financial barrier to preserving the citizen’s health. “There are no geographic hinders and it is our duty to safeguard the safety of the country and the citizens,” Hasan added.

Hasan attended the inauguration of a new ward dedicated to coronavirus cases, in the presence of the Minister of Industry Imad Hoballah and MPs. Ali Ammar, Amin Cherri, Fadi Alameh, the director of Bahman’s hospital Ali Karim and the administrative staff of the hospital.

MP Ammar commended the efforts of the Minister of Industry who is fighting a different kind of battle and praised the activities carried out by Minister Hasan, who has been working day in day out to address the current situation.

Karim mentioned the readiness of the hospital to admit the patients with coronavirus where a ward has been equipped to provide the patients with the necessary healthcare services.
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