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Date: 16/05/2020
Author: Minister's Office
Source: MoPH
Nine Positive Cases among the Passengers Returning from Accra, Kinshasa, Frankfurt and South Sudan
The Ministry of Public Health announces the following results of the tests that were administered to 760 passengers on board the flights to Lebanon and 11 passengers on board private jets, as part of the third phase of expat returns:
  • Four confirmed COVID-19 cases among the Lebanese on board the plane from Accra.
  • Three confirmed COVID-19 cases among the returnees from Kinshasa.
  • One infection on board of a flight from Frankfurt.
  • One infection on board of a private flight from South Sudan.
  • The tests administered to the passengers on board of flights from Paris, Milano, Madrid, and London came back negative.
The passengers whose test results returned positive will be transferred to the hospital. Those who tested negative are urged to strictly comply with home-quarantine, and they will be daily followed up by the ministry. Any person who shows symptoms will be sent to the hospital and retested.
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