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Date: 15/05/2017
Author: Minister Office
Source: MOPH
Al-Bukhari Offers to Hasbani the Shield of Saudi Arabia's Foreign Affairs Ministry
During a ceremony honouring Lebanese distinguished physicians who have succeeded in putting Lebanon and the Arab Community on the map of the developed societies in the field of medical services, which was held at the valuable initiative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Beirut, Counselor Walid Bukhari presented the shield of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani who praised the view of the kingdom to Lebanon as a brother country and its permanent contribution to the benefit and development of the country and the Lebanese Economy.

The Physicians who were honoured are:
President of the Order of Physicians Dr. Raymond Sayegh, President of Tripoli's Order of Physicians  Dr. Omar Ayyach, Deputy Dr. Assem Araji, Colonel Dr. Abdallah Alawa, President of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon Dr. Nouhad Doumit. Dr. Fadi Bitar, Dr. Youssef Qmeir, Dr. Samir El Alam, Dr. Ghassan Hammoud, Dr. Muhamed Badra, Dr. Souha Kinj Charara, Dr. Zouheir Al Imad, Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim, Dr. Samia khoury, Dr. Abdellatif Hamdan and Dr. Imad El Hajj.
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