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Date: 13/04/2018
Author: MoPH
Source: MoPH
Launching of the Policy Support Observatory: MOPH-WHO-AUB Partnership Monday 16 April, 2018 (Closed Event)
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The Lebanese health sector has shown remarkable resilience and progress, despite an adverse geo-political context. To a large extent this has been made possible by the performance of the MoPH as the steward of the health sector. It has developed an original and homegrown collaborative governance style that mobilizes two essential assets: strategic intelligence and social consensus.  

Whilst the MoPH capacities have grown considerably, current ad hoc arrangements need to morph into institutionalized capacity for producing strategic intelligence and preparation of collaborative decision and implementation processes. This can be done by equipping the MoPH, through partnership with WHO and AUB, with a Policy Support Observatory. The Observatory can take full advantage of the various data sources that are being developed by the MoPH and of its relations of collaboration with academia. Moreover, it can harness the MoPH’s various collaborative networks which are instruments for implementation of shared policy objectives.
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