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Date: 26/05/2017
Author: Minister Office
Source: MOPH
Hasbani Announced the Japanese Aid for the Medical Equipments to Governmental Hospitals: We are Working on Developing the Performance of these Hospitals and their Infrastructure
Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani held a press conference with the Ambassador of Japan Matahiro Yamaguchi on the occasion of the arrival of medical equipment provided by the Japanese Government to fourteen governmental hospitals in Lebanon, as part of the grant approved by the Japanese government to support health Sector in Lebanon, which amounts to USD 5 million. The conference was attended by Chairmen of the Boards of directors and General Directors in the concerned hospitals: Sibline, Shahar Gharbi, Daher El Bachek, Bouar, Kobbeh- Tripoli, Dr.Abdullah Al Rassi- Halba, Sir El Donniyeh, Marjeyoun, Hasbaya, Elias Hraoui-Zahleh, Baalbeck, Hermel and Rachaya, the second Secretary of the Japanese Embassy Kinta Suzuki, the Counselor of the Minister Bahij Arbid.
Health Minister began the conference by thanking Japan for taking the initiative of supporting the governmental hospitals with the necessary basic medical equipment. He added that these governmental hospitals are facing big challenges and that we are supporting them to improve their performance, infrastructures and services and provide them with better equipment to enable them to provide healthcare services for all the residents on the Lebanese territory, especially the Lebanese citizens.
Health Minister stated that there are many entities that are helping Lebanon, among them Kuwait, Islamic Bank, and all the States that are collaborating with Islamic Bank, which was reflected at the end in assistance and soft loans allocated to Health Sector by the World Bank.
Hasbani said that problems wouldn’t be solved fast, but gradually through continuing assistance and support as well as the contributions provided by the state Treasury to the governmental hospitals, noting that they are still modest given the challenges the Budget is facing.
Hasbani then added: we won’t stop and we won’t spare any effort to support governmental hospitals, and we hope that all hospitals in Lebanon have access to support, noting that the Japanese Ambassador will visit a number of these governmental hospitals to examine their state on the ground and determine the future support based on the requirements.
The Japanese Ambassador
The Japanese Ambassador was pleased to announce the provision of medical equipment worth USD 600 thousands to the Ministry of Health, reminding that Japanese Government had approved in 2013 to support the Ministry with medical equipment worth USD 5 million, and the equipment provided today is part of this support, noting that 500 medical equipment produced in Japan will be provided to the governmental hospitals next year.
He said: We are aware of the fact that Lebanon’s hosting of a big number of refugees lead to difficulties and big challenges to Health Sector. He hoped that this project would contribute in the improvement of the capacity of Heath Sector by enhancing the services in the governmental hospitals. He added that the Japanese Government has been supporting Lebanon, as it has provided since 2011 aids in different sectors, and it would continue supporting Lebanon and the Lebanese people.
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