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For your Health... Quit Smoking Now!

 For your Health... Quit Smoking Now! 
People, especially at early age, start smoking due to peer pressure, smokers in the surrounding including the family, to relax and relieve from boredom or stress, to look cool and trendy in front of the others. Therefore, the strong and the smart ones are not influenced easily by the surroundings and are able to say no to smoking!

As for those who already smoke, many of them want to stop this habit. Quitting is not an easy option and many attempts can fail.. However, stopping is very beneficial since it reduces the risk of developing the mentioned diseases above. In order to stop, many methods/tips can be helpful:
  1. Commitment is half way for success
  2. The 4 D’s to help get through a craving:
  • Delay the time you crave a cigarette, the urge to smoke will fade in few minutes
  • Drink water by holding it in the mouth for a while
  • Deep and slow  breathing in and out for 5 times
  • Distract yourself with a friend or an activity to forget smoking for these few minutes
  1. Cold Turkey such as immediate quitting or gradual reduction with no outside help/therapy/medications.
  1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as nicotine gum and inhalers. These are nicotine products excluding tobacco. However, the point with quitting is to end nicotine addiction, not to simply stop using tobacco products but it can be a good start.
  1. Behavior Therapy where the counselor makes a plan to change this habit or to manipulate the conditions that trigger smoking
  1. Prescribed medication in case of significant difficulties and symptoms from withdrawal

Lastly, using a combination of these methods increases the chance of successful quitting. If you are a smoker and you are reading this, think about it and start today... After all, you are doing it for your health and the health of your loved ones!
For more information about tobacco interventions and laws in Lebanon, check the National Tobacco Control Program of the Ministry of Public Health:
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