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Date: 02/06/2017
Author: Minister Office
Source: MOPH
Hasbani Issued a Decision on the Regulation of Surgical Operations in Specialized Hospitals and Reminded Beauty Centers of the Legal Deadline Given until August to Settle their Situation
Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani held a press conference in his office at the Ministry of Public Health, Bir Hassan during which he tackled the organizational frames of beauty Centers and specialized hospitals.
He started by saying: “After the repetitive complaints received by the Ministry of Public Health on accidents and infringements occurring in the sector of Aesthetic Medicine, and as a result of what happened yesterday after the liposuction operation in a specialized hospital, we realized that it is our duty to inform you about the approach of the Ministry to the regulation of aesthetic sector and the actions taken and that being completed through regulatory actions."
Beauty Centers

He added: "The Ministry of Public Health followed up the work of the Parliamentary Health Commission for the regulation of Medical Beauty Centers licenses that resulted in the issuance of decision No. 30 of 10 February 2017, which was published in The Official gazette on February 16, 2017.  The Definition of Aesthetic Medicine, its centers and the medical work they are authorized to carry out are regulated by Law which has determined the medical specializations that have the right to hold a permission to practice the profession of Aesthetic medicine. According to the law, the existing Beauty Centers are given a 6 month period to regularize their legal situation as of the date of the publication of this law, i.e. 16 August 2017, under penalty of closing these centers by a decision of Health Minister.

Specialized Hospitals

Health Minister added that he has issued a regulatory decision for specialized hospitals related to the regulation of surgeries which stipulates the following:
  1. Surgeries that may cause complications that require intensive care like liposuction and other surgeries shall not be carried out in places other than specialized hospitals which include an intensive care division which holds a license form Health Ministry in accordance with due process.
  2. The doctor should explain to the patient the risks of the surgery, including the plastic surgery, and ask the patient to sign the Patient Right Form and the informed consent. 
Hasbani stressed that this decision will be immediately communicated to all concerned parties.

Death Case

Hasbani talked also about the recent tragic death of the woman who underwent a liposuction opertaion in a specialized hospital and said: “the Public Prosecution and the Syndicate of Physicians have launched investigations and the Ministry of Public Health has started to investigate and complete the files. The Committee of investigations will meet in the Ministry in order to consider the details of this case and provide consultancies to the Syndicate and Justice where needed.
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