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Date: 25/07/2017
Author: MOPH
Source: MOPH
Development of Medical Specialties, Public Health and Colloquium Examinations in Lebanon
At the invitation of Director General of the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Walid Ammar, the committee formed by decision No. 2/612 of 14/7/2017 related to the constitution of the high committee for following up the development of medical and public health specialties and colloquium Exams in Lebanon met in the presence of Director General of Higher Education Dr. Ahmad Jamal and Heads of Syndicates and Orders of medical professions in Lebanon, Professor Naim Ouaini the Committee Coordinator and Mr. Antoine Romanos Head of medical Professions Department.

The following subjects were discussed:
  1. The development of medical professions and specialties.
  2. The establishment of the necessary legislations for the implementation of the sustainable education system.
  3. The implementation of the accreditation system in faculties of medicine and Public Health.
  4. The development of colloquium exams and holding them into stages to include all graduates in health professions.
  5. The establishment of regulations for the implementation of some legal texts.
  6. The constitution of a Board of Directors to be consulted by Health Syndicates in order to control the practice of Health Professions and study the work permit’s renewal.
It has been decided to hold periodic meetings and form specialized committees to accelerate the work and implement the necessary regulations
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