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Date: 09/05/2020
Source: NNA
108 PCR Tests Performed At Mejdlaya After One Person Was suspected to Have COVID-19

A team from the Ministry of Public Health and Aley’s Department of Health carried out 108 PCR tests at Mejdlaya dispensary located in Aley District, after one person was suspected to have the virus in the town. The tests were performed in collaboration with West-Aley Crisis Unit.

This came as part of the Ministry’s filed survey plan in the different Lebanese regions to draw a clear picture of the coronavirus spread.

Head of Aley’s Department of Health, Dr. Maha Rayyes noted that it was suggested to perform the PCR tests within the district of Aley, with assistance from West-Aley Crisis Unit, as part of the PCR testing campaign launched by the Ministry, and after one person was suspected to have the coronavirus.

“We can perform 150 random PCR tests for the residents of the village and those of the surrounding regions,” Rayyes added.
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