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Date: 16/04/2020
Author: E-Health Department
Source: MoPH
Minister Hasan Launches MoPH Chatbot on WhatsApp

Today the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health has launched the MoPH chatbot on WhatsApp. The new service, which is free-to-use, provides a central source of accurate, trustworthy and up-to-date information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) for everyone in Lebanon. 

The MoPH chatbot is an automated ‘chatbot’ service which will allow citizens to get answers to the most common questions about Coronavirus from the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health 24 hours a day. The service will provide information on topics such as Coronavirus prevention and symptoms, the latest number of cases in Lebanon, advice on staying at home, useful tips for adults and children, and various questions and answers...

To use the free chatbot on WhatsApp, simply save the number 76592699 in your phone contacts and then text the word hi in a WhatsApp message to get started. A set of menu options is then presented which the user can choose from and then be sent relevant guidance from MoPH as well as links to its website for further information. 

MoPH will be publishing the number on all its platforms, website and social media. 

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