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World Immunization Week Activities (April, 2015)

Celebrating ''World Immunization Week', the Primary Health Care department at the Ministry of Public Health held educational presentations for high school students in Tannourine, Jbeil, and Akkar. 
  1. Photos From Tannourine (27th April 2015)
  2. Photos From Jbeil (28th April 2015)
  3. Photos From Akkar (29th April 2015)

Simultaneosuly, this occasion occured with the Second Mop-Up polio campaign that was held by the Ministry of Public Health in collaborayion with UNICEF and WHO during April (23rd-30th), whereby school children under 5 years old were vaccinated against Polio virus.
1. Photos From Jbeil (28th April 2015)
2. Photos From Akkar (29th April 2015)

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