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Date: 20/05/2020
Author: NNA
Source: NNA
Memorandum Issued by Minister Hasan: COVID-19 Cases to be Announced Exclusively by the Ministry
The Minister of Public Health Dr. Hamad Hasan issued a memorandum requesting all the hospitals and laboratories that are performed PCR tests to report to the Epidemiological Surveillance Program on all the positive and negative cases with the names once released and refrain from announcing the results of each lab, so that the test results are exclusively announced by the Ministry after verifying them.

Minister Hasan noted that the memo aims at avoiding discrepancies between the reported confirmed cases and called on all the relevant entities to abide by the memo.

Memorandum No.87 issued by the Minister on 19/5/2020 on reporting the test results and informing the public on COVID-19 confirmed cases