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National Initiative for Mental Health in the Workplace

The National Initiative for Mental health in the workplace was launched on September 18, 2019 by the Ministry of Public Health.
Several factors affect our mental health, be it personal, social or professional with impacts which can be both positive or negative. Thus, what is the link between mental health and the workplace? In fact, we spend most of our lives at work and work in and by itself protects us from mental disorders. However, a mentally unhealthy work environment - that is, one that is loaded with stress and poor managerial and organizational practices which affect the mental health of staff - can increase the risk of mental disorders, especially depression, anxiety disorders, or substance use disorders. An unhealthy work environment, through its impact on staff, can increase staff absenteeism and turnover and cause low productivity levels, all in all translating into major economic losses. On the other hand, workplaces which promote and protect mental health score high levels of productivity and return on investments through interventions aimed at promoting mental health in the workplace.  
To support employers to ensure mentally healthy workplaces for them, their teams and their business to thrive.
This initiative includes: Statement of intent, which employers are encouraged to sign, which outlines the key principles and procedures to be implemented by employers if they want to be on the right track and commit themselves to the protection and promotion of mental health in their workplace. By signing the Charter and pledging to implement it, employers are taking a major step towards the success of their organizations and contributing to the national vision that aims to give "all individuals in Lebanon the opportunity to enjoy the best possible mental health".
  • National web portal on mental health in the workplace:
A full-fledged website which is designed as a web portal, accessible to anyone, with resources to promote mental health in the workplace. The website includes general information on mental health, the charter, the number of organizations pledging, case studies and testimonies, where to find support, etc.
Visit the website to take the Pledge or learn more:
  • The National Mental Health Campaign:
The National Awareness campaign 2019 aimed at launching the initiative and at conveying why mental health in the workplace is crucial for employers, their teams and the success of their organisations.
Learn more: Link to NMH campaign page