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Date: 18/02/2018
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Health Ministry Calls on the Municipalities to Promptly Find a Solution to the Phenomenon of Stray Dogs
The Information Office of Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani issued the following statement:

In view of the growing number of stray dogs that threaten the life of citizens, in particular rabid dogs, the Ministry of Public Health calls on all the municipalities to assume their responsibilities to address this situation in collaboration with the concerned parties. In fact, this issue is starting to weigh heavily on the healthcare sector.

The Ministry of Public Health regrets that false information had been circulated, causing panic. It is said that Mrs. Mona Youssef Kadi who was bit by a dog in Ajedaabrin, district of Koura was only given one vaccine, other treatment being not available. The Head of the village Municipality Abdallah Ali tried to hold others responsible for the incident instead of assuming his responsibility so as to address the issue of stray dogs in his village.

The citizen Mona Youssef Kadi denied what has been said through a phone call with the National News Agency and affirmed that she had received the necessary treatment in Daher El Bacheh Government hospital, stressing that the vaccines are available in the hospital. Kadi noted that the physician asked her to return after 10 days to complete the necessary treatment according to the procedures followed in this case.

The Ministry of Public Health calls on all the concerned parties, at the top of them the municipalities, to assume their responsibilities so as to address this issue. It also stressed that it would take the necessary actions against the one who fail in their duties in the healthcare sector. It also reminds the citizens who raise dogs to vaccinate them and visit the vet regularly to examine their dogs.
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