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Acute Flaccid Paralysis

Generalities on Poliovirus
Agent Virus: poliovirus (genus enterovirus), with 3 serotypes: 1, 2 and 3
Incubation period 7-14 days (3-35 days)
Period of transmissibility 7-10 days before onset, up to 3-6 weeks after onset
Reservoir Humans
Modes of transmission -Person-to-person: faecal-oral route, and rarely pharyngeal
-Rarely through water and food
Clinical presentation -90-95% asymptomatic infection
-4-8% mild illness (influenza-like illness or gastro-intestinal illness)
-1-2% aseptic meningitis
-<1% paralytic poliomyeltis
Case definition MOPH circular no 34 (2012)
MOPH circular no 76 (2006)
Forms - General reporting form
- Specific reporting form
- Investigation form: data collection
- Investigation form: additional data
- Investigation form: specimen collection
- Investigation form: Rapid OPV3/IPV3 coverage survey
- Investigation form: Follow up at day 60
- Investigation form: Final classification
Guidelines Acute Flaccid Paralysis surveillance guideline: Ar, En, Fr
Data - AFP surveillance tables
- AFP surveillance bulletin
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