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No Tobacco Control Program

In 2005, Lebanon signed the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) in a bid to protect the citizens’ health from the devastating impact of tobacco use and exposure to its smoke, and in view of the alarming spike of cancer rate. The national programme to control smoking was developed in parallel with the constitution of a national committee to develop a strategic plan to prevent tobacco that encompasses the laws and regulations to be passed in Lebanon in this regard. This will be done according to studies on ways to control tobacco and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

The efforts exerted in collaboration with the civil lobbies resulted in the introduction of Law No.174 of 29/8/2011 on Tobacco Control and Regulation of Tobacco Products’ Manufacturing, Packaging and Advertising, in particular article 5 of the same that stipulates the following: “smoking or lighting a tobacco product or using such products are forbidden in all indoor places, workplaces and public transports.”

The programme celebrates World No Tobacco Day on 31st of May every year under the patronage of the Minister of Public Health, during which various awareness campaigns are launched for different sections of the society, in particular the youth.
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