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Date: 25/04/2017
Author: Dr. Fadia Elias
Source: MOPH
Lecture by Dr. Fadia Elias at NIH / NCI - Washington USA
Lecture entitled “Financial Burden of Cancer Drug Treatment in Lebanon” in Washington, D.C.
Fadia Elias, MD, Director Cancer Control Program, Ministry Of Public Health; Associate Professor, Lebanese University – Faculty of Medical sciences, was invited by  the National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI), to give a 15-min oral presentation and a poster session during the 5th annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research on April 6th 2017.
In the midst of catastrophic increase in Cancer treatment cost, Dr. Elias discussed the main concerns of MOPH, such as maintaining the sustainability of the coverage system, the equitable accessibility to treatment and the optimal allocation of funds.
The appreciation letter communicated to Dr. Elias from NCI reflects the presentation’s success: “The NCI Committee was impressed with the content of your work...The audience greatly enjoyed your talk and appreciated your insights ...”
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