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Date: 24/02/2019
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Jabak Toured Nabih Berri Hospital and Praised its Equipment. We will Cancel Contracts with Hospitals that Refuse Emergency Patients

Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak visited Nabih Berri Governmental University Hospital in Nabatieh and inspected the departments of the hospital, accompanied by the chairman of the board of directors, the Director General of the hospital Dr. Hasan Wazni who briefed him on the medical services provided to the citizens from the different South villages and the lack of some medical equipment. Jabak met with a number of the hospital’s patients who told him about the medical services they are receiving.

“This hospital provides treatment to 16 thousand patients yearly, not to mention the external departments and clinics, the emergency, laboratory and radiology divisions, knowing that the hospital is working in collaboration with the private hospitals,” Wazni stated.
“It has been an honor for me to visit South Lebanon today. I was surprised at what I saw today at Nabih Berri Governmental University Hospital. I didn’t expect to see this high technical level at a hospital located outside Beirut. I praise the efforts of Dr. Hasan Wazni. We are planning to raise the financial ceiling of the hospital and we have a plan for Nabatieh and South Lebanon,” Jabak said.
“This is a stop on our tour of all the governmental hospitals in Lebanon to improve them and fulfil the need of the citizens. I was surprised at the equipment of Nabih Berri Hospital but it is still in need of some equipment, and we will work to provide it,” Jabak added during a news conference
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