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Date: 23/02/2019
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Jabak Met with a Delegation from the Alliance of Palestinian Forces and Promised to Reduce the Prices of Medicines by 80%
Minister of Public Health Jamil Jabak met this afternoon with a delegation from the Alliance of the Palestinian Forces at the premises of the Ministry. The delegation congratulated him for taking office at the Ministry of Public Health. The meeting discussed the medical conditions and health services provided by the Ministry to the Palestinians with regard to the incurable diseases, such as open heart, dialysis and cancer.

Minister Jabak mentioned a mechanism for a smooth access of the patients to treatment. He expressed his commitment to work on the issue of the expensive cancer medicines that are not totally covered by the UNRWA for the Palestinians.

Jabak vowed to reduce the current cost of the medicines by 80%. He also stated that physicians shall have the right to practice their profession and recruit staff in the Lebanese hospitals, in particular the Lebanese graduates, as well as those who hold diplomas from universities abroad by issuing equivalent diplomas from Lebanon. This shall also apply to the Lebanese graduating from universities abroad.

"Physicians shall open clinics exclusively in the camps of the Palestinian refugees. The nurses who weren’t authorized to practice according to a decision issued by former minister Hasbani are now allowed to work in the Lebanese medical centers since the decision was amended,” Jabak added.
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