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Date: 16/01/2019
Author: Primary Health CAre Department
Source: MoPH
Coordination of the Joint Program and the Universal Health Coverage Programs
Within the framework of coordinating the joint programs and the universal health coverage programs, the Director General of the Ministry of Public health Pr. Walid Ammar called on the World Bank and the World Health Organization for a meeting to discuss all the joints programs on the universal health coverage, in the presence of a working group from the Ministry including Miss Hilda Harb (Statistics Department), Mr. Ali Roumani (Informatics Dep.), Dr. Randa Hamadeh (Primary Health Dep.) a national coordinator from UHC 2030, Dr. Mona Othman as a technical advisor , Dr. Iman Shankiti, Dr. Alissar Radi, and a representative of the World Bank Dr. Nadwa Rafeh. During the meeting, coordination has taken place in all the joint activities to avoid any duplication and leave a positive impact on all the activities related to the universal health coverage, which are in line with national strategy of the Ministry of Public Health.
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