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Date: 29/08/2019
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Jabak Meets al-Alwan at the Start of his Visit to Beirut
Iraq’s Minister of Health Dr. Ali al-Alwan started his visit to Lebanon with a meeting with the Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak who received him at the Ministry. During the meeting, they both discussed the different topics listed in the agenda that are mainly related to the implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed during Minister Jabak’s visit to Iraq last July.

During the meeting, health ministers held a press conference during which Minister Jabak welcomed al-Alwan and the delegation, noting that both sides are paving the way for the implementation of the preliminary agreement that was signed in Baghdad weeks ago to achieve the cooperation between Lebanon and Iraq in the fields of hospitalization, treatment and technology.

Minister Jabak stressed that he would support Iraq with all the possible means so as to train personnel working in the management of the hospitals.

al-Alwan noted that the meeting thoroughly discussed ways to implement what was agreed upon during the important visit of Minister Jabak to Baghdad, which strengthened the cooperation between Lebanon and Iraq.

Iraq’s Minister of Health mentioned that the memorandum of understanding that was signed between the two countries included joint action in different fields. al-Alwan expressed gratitude for Jabak’s initiatives that ensure the Iraqi patients are treated in Lebanon like the Lebanese patients.

He added that Iraq is facing a significant challenge in rebuilding the health system, given the circumstances having arisen through three decades. We are seeking great coordination with Lebanon as to health development in the region.
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