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Date: 14/06/2018
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Al-Jeser Visited Hasbani: The Financial Ceiling for Tripoli's Hospitals Should be Increased and the Slaughterhouse's Functioning Should Abide by its Specific System
NNA- Deputy Samir AL-Jeser visited Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani, accompanied by the general coordinator of the future movement in Tripoli Naser Adra. The two visitors discussed with Hasbani the need to raise the financial ceiling for the gov. hospitals across Lebanon, in particular Tripoli gov. hospital and “Orange Nassau” in Tripoli, in view of Tripoli and the neighboring’s regions need of health care services. These hospitals provide in fact health and medical services for the poor and low-income people without benefiting from other incomes as in the private hospitals.

Al-Jeser tackled with Hasbani the issue of Tripoli’s slaughterhouse. They both agreed that the facilities and equipment need to be repaired; however the problem lies in the functioning according to standards and regulations that comprise all the stages going from slaughter, to controlling, storage, and transportation with pre-cooled trucks. A specific system at the Ministry of Public Health for slaughterhouses management was found to be available and is supposed to be known by all the concerned administrations. Al-Jeser requested a copy of the same to hand it out to the Municipality federation of Fayhaa, as the supervising authority of the slaughterhouse, so that this latter functions according to the applicable laws.

Al-Jeser asked the Minister of Public health to “reconsider the financial ceiling for the hospital” as the “social services center” and the need to bring it back to its previous status before 2015, especially that the social services association has been subject to unfair measure due to an error in decision-making. He also demanded to finalize the arrangement agreements for long years and cover the over expenditures that occurred upon the request of the Ministry.
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