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Date: 22/06/2017
Author: Minister Office
Source: MOPH
Hasbani Confirmed the Support for Governmental Hospitals by Investing in their Infrastructure . Hasbani in the Ceremony of Receiving Donation from the Italian Agency to Hariri Hospital: We are Proud of this Humanitarian Edifice that Provides Services to all Residents in Lebanese Territory

Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani stressed that Health Ministry has not spared any effort to support Rafiq El Hariri hospital and other governmental hospitals either through financial assistance or external support.

Hasbani spoke during AICS honoring ceremony he sponsored at the invitation of Rafiq Al Hariri Hospital at the occasion of receiving an in-kind donation for the equipment of blood bank. The donation consists of a Blood Irradiator X Ray device that examines blood. Its importance lies in the prevention of reactions and problems that might be encountered by patients with blood disease due to blood transfusion and treatment.

Were present in the ceremony The Italian Ambassador to Lebanon Massimo Marotti, AICS Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors General Manager of Rafiq Hariri Hospital Dr. Firas Abiad, head of health and administrative services and departments in the hospital, and a number of hematologists and oncologists, director of Medical Care Directorate at Health Ministry Dr. Jospeh El Helou and the Counselor to the Minister Elie Zaytoun.

Dr. Abiad stated that Rafiq Hariri Hospital plays a major role in the provision of medical services to all needy people in Lebanon – Lebanese and residents on the Lebanese territory. This has resulted in major contribution to the role of social protection assumed by governmental hospitals in Lebanon. He acknowledged as well the support of Health Ministry to the hospital, noting that the device offered by AICS is not the first Italian initiative in its kind taken towards Al Hariri Hospital.

The Italian Ambassador then confirmed the commitment of his country to permanent assistance and cooperation, noting that Lebanon is making great efforts to help Syrian refugees living on the Lebanese territory, and deserves support for its sense of humanity.

At the end of the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani  noted with satisfaction the permanent activity of Al Hariri Hospital of which humanitarian services reach all residents in Beirut and all Lebanese regions, since many patients head for this edifice. Health Minister added that in spite of all financial difficulties the hospital is facing, presidents and workers have proved their commitment to their humanitarian mission, which reflected positively on the Lebanese society.

Health Minister noted that the work today focuses on the provision of financial aid to hospitals within the capacities of the Treasury.

Health Minister then assured that health system in Lebanon maintained its first position in the Arab World, and that in spite of all the problems due to immigration and other problems in the region.

Finally, he thanked Italy for its assistance to Lebanon, expressing his confidence that bilateral relation will last given the significant commitment of Italy in the case we are working for, i.e. Human service in these hard circumstances.
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