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Date: 12/06/2017
Author: Minister Office
Source: MOPH
Hasbani: There is an Attempt to Streamline Capitalism so as to Become a Free Economic System with Social Responsibility

Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani held a conference in London entitled "The Middle East after Globalization" at the invitation of the "Lebanese - British Community" hosted by the Lebanese Embassy in the presence of many ambassadors, diplomats, community members and British figures.

Hasbani raised the economic social and political challenges the world is facing today and that will impact the course of the community and lead to transformations in the next two decades. He gave a brief history of social transformation after the world wars I and II and the Cold War, in addition to the economic recovery after these major crisis, which led to the significant progress of the World, among which the reconstruction of Europe after World War I and the recovery in the fields of economy and technology after the Cold War, especially in the fields of Communication and informatics.
Deputy Prime Minister stated that what the World is facing today is considered as a turning point as important as the aforementioned points. He expected to witness a brighter future after the period of globalization that we knew during the past three decades.
On the subject of the Middle East, Hasbani noted that there are considerable shifts towards the best. These are mainly economic transformations that give hope of economic progress that would greatly benefit the society and what we are living today is a transition phase to reach a better situation.
Hasbani then explained the importance of free economy with social responsibility.
Meeting with the "Antiochian Orthodox Community of the United Kingdom" and a dinner in honor of Hasbani
At another level, Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani had a meeting with the "Antiochian Orthodox Community of the United Kingdom" in which he grew up when he used to live in the United Kingdom. The community held a dinner in his honor in the presence of a large number of figures from the Lebanese community. During the dinner, Hasbani raised current questions in Beirut and that concerning the future of Lebanon and the role of the "restoring confidence government" and the positive steps that are taken today in the election law.
Hasbani discussed also the great pressure Lebanon is facing due to the huge displacement of refugees hosted by Lebanon which is unprecedented in relation to the size of its population. He noted also its implications for infrastructures, especially in the sectors of education and Health. Hasbani stated as well the efforts of the government with the international community to contain the Syrian displacement and help the host community and the Lebanese citizens and alleviate the burden of displacement through the investment in infrastructure and the improvement of its capacities.
Hasbani stressed the importance of the Lebanese society in countries of exile and energies and relationships the Lebanese are using in the regions where they live for the benefit of the country. He also noticed a big support from the community in the United Kingdom for the benefit of Lebanon and the improvement of stability.
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