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Date: 13/02/2018
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Representatives of the Governmental Hospital Employees Met with Director General Dr. Walid Ammar and Officials in Health Ministry
NNA- A delegation of the Governmental hospital employees who held a strike in front of the Ministry of Public Health, met with the Director General of the Ministry Dr Walid Ammar, in the presence of the Director of Medical Care Directorate Dr. Joseph El Helou, Head of Medical Professions Department Antoine Romanos, the advisors to Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani lawyer Fadi Msallem and Mr. Elie Zaytouni.
El Helou
El Helou affirmed that the “meeting of today was positive”. “A meeting was held today with the Staff follow-up committee, the Director General and the advisors to the Minister. We stand by them and we will discuss this matter with the Ministry of Finance this Thursday on the recommendations of the Minister Hasbani,” El Helou said.
“We are still waiting the response of the Ministry of Finance. Negotiations between the two Ministries and the employees will take place in order to find a common solution.”

“Minister Hasbani shows understanding towards this issue and insisted on following up the same and supporting the demonstrators. These employees demand also the amendment of the working hours, and we are willing to respond to this call, which requires legal examination to determine the competent authority in this regard. The Health Minister won’t spare an effort to amend the working hours if he was found empowered to do so, however within the legal frameworks,” Msallem stated.
The employees of the Governmental hospitals in Lebanon staged a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Public Health, attended by the Head of the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers Mr. Bechara El-Asmar who affirmed his support to the demands of the Gov. Hospital employees and the implementation of law No.45.
In the name of the demonstrators Basem Akoum said “we followed up with a lot of sorrow and anger the statement issued by the Ministry of Public Health for it included ambiguous expressions. We call on the Minister of Finance to meet with Health Minister in order to take a final decision and give instructions for the immediate implementation.”
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