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Date: 14/10/2016
Author: The National Mental Health Programme
Source: MOPH
Draft “Inter-Ministerial Substance Use Response Strategy for Lebanon 2016-2021” for Public Review
The draft “Inter-Ministerial Substance Use Response Strategy for Lebanon 2016-2021” has been developed by the Ministry of Public Health in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Social Affairs.
It is important that all citizens participate in the development of this national strategy through revising and expressing their opinions to ensure that this strategy is tailored to the local needs.

You can read the draft in Arabic and English by clicking on the below links:

Draft Inter-ministerial substance use response strategy for Lebanon 2016-2021

مسودّة الاستراتيجية المشتركة بين الوزارات لمكافحة المخدرات والادمان في لبنان 2016 – 2021

You can send your feedback anonymously by filling the questionnaire on the following link:
Feedback form on the draft “Inter-ministerial Substance Use Response Strategy for Lebanon 2016-2021”.
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