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Date: 23/08/2018
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
MoPH: The Social Media’s Misreporting of Deaths Tarnishes Lebanon’s Image
The Information Office of the Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement:
Cases of patients and news are being circulated on social media without verifying whether they are true. Such cases are usually followed up on by the Ministry before they are spread, but misreporting death cases tarnishes Lebanon’s health image and puts psychological pressure on the citizens.

For instance, a newborn was reported dead at “Mortada” hospital in Baalbeck because he wasn’t placed in an incubator since the parents couldn’t afford it. But the truth is that the newborn was placed in the incubator, and after his health improved he died of health complication after he was released from the incubator. In all cases, the Ministry started investigation and summoned the administration of the hospital.

As for the Syrian newborn at “Al Salam” Hospital in Qobayat, his mother was admitted in the hospital while she was six months pregnant. Her pregnancy wasn’t healthy. And when she delivered her child, he died after he was placed in the incubator. The papers were submitted to the parents to be presented to the UN entity to pay the bill since they were Syrian refugees.

The Ministry asked that the required reports should be submitted to it to study the case and launch an investigation. It also summoned the administration of the hospital. This is one of the cases in which the Lebanese hospitals bear the burden of the Syrian displacement, while some enjoy spreading rumors through social media.
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