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Date: 13/04/2018
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Arwan National Biotechnology Product Launched under the Patronage of Hasbani
NNA- Iqlim El Kharroub – Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani sponsored the inauguration ceremony of the national biotechnology product organized by Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries in Lebanon, in its plant in Jadra.

The company’s chairman of the board of directors Eng. Abdel Razzak Youssef explained the way biotechnology pharmaceutical products are manufactured in Arwan based on the highest quality standards, as well as the procedure of registrating the medicines in Lebanon and simplifying export operations, stressing on the high quality of the Lebanese medicine.
“Arwan has registered its products in 12 states, knowing that there are 220 products registered outside Lebanon. Next year, these products will be registered in Gulf countries among other countries, and will be exported to 24 states,” stated Youssef.
Youssef also tackled the modern and accurate manufacturing operations of medicines in the labs of the company, noting that the raw materials are imported from Germany and Europe. He also stressed on the importance and efficiency of the new product to kidney patients, saying that “the price of the competitor foreign medicine is 32 dollars, while our new product costs 21,000 LBP comparing to the foreign medicine that costs 47,000 LBP. This means that our price is lower than that of the foreign medicine by 57%, which saves the state 17 dollars for each box and the Lebanese government and citzens 7 million Dollars if the national products are consumed.”
Hasbani called for a decision to reduce the price of the foreign medicine every time the price of the national medicine is reduced and demanded the adoption of the national medicine by the Lebanese physicians, hospitals and insurers given its high quality, stressing on the importance of supporting the national industry.
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