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Date: 26/01/2015
Author: Director General
Source: MOPH
Dr Walid Ammar, the DG of Health is Participating in the 136th WHO Executive Board Session
The WHO Executive Board's 136th session is taking place in Geneva from 26 January–3 February 2015.

The Executive Board is composed of 34 members technically qualified in the field of health. Members are elected for three-year terms.

The meeting will agree the agenda for the May 2015 World Health Assembly and adopt resolutions to be forwarded to the Assembly. Board Members will discuss priority issues in the areas of communicable and non-communicable diseases; promoting health through the life course; preparedness, surveillance and response; and health systems as well as matters relating to programme, budget, management and governance, and WHO reform. A special session on Sunday 25 January will focus on the response to Ebola in west Africa.

136th session of the Executive Board 2015: Live broadcast

26 January–3 February 2015 

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