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Date: 25/03/2020
Author: MoPH
Source: MoPH
Statement Issued By Notre Dame de Secours-Jbeil Hospital
The Notre Dame de Secours University Hospital in Jbeil issued the following statement:

The Notre Dame de Secours University Hospital has become the only medical center to admit patients with COVID-19 in the region from north-Beirut to the far north of the country. And in view of the growing number of people rushing to the hospital for COVID-19 testing or hospitalization, the hospital states the following:
  1. Six people left the hospital’s coronavirus ward up to this date, including Minister Mohamad Safadi after they all tested negative.
  2. Eight patients are still receiving the necessary treatment at the hospital, seven of which are part of the hospital medical staff and are expected to leave the hospital in the coming days.
  3. A patient admitted to the ICU isolated for coronavirus patients is receiving treatment. His condition is critical, especially that he suffers from chronic kidney failure.
  4. A patient who suffered from an advanced stage of lung cancer died. He was admitted to the hospital several days ago after testing positive for the coronavirus. The hospital’s crew members convey their deepest condolences to his parents and family and call on all the citizens to fully comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Public Health, in particular adherence to self-quarantine.
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