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What Parents Need to Know about their Children

Recommendations for the parents to deal with newborns - 2 months

Newborns till 2 months are vulnerable to many risk factors that affect their health and disturb their wellbeing. Parents, especially new ones, need to take some precautions to protect their new baby. Here are some important recommendations to take into consideration after delivery:

  1. The room temperature of the baby should be between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius, should always be ventilated and without humidity.
  1. To shower the baby, the water temperature should be 37 degrees Celsius and the caregiver should not leave the baby alone in water
  1. Taking care of the navel is important because it is vulnerable to infections during the first days; it should be cleaned and dried well
  1. During the first weeks, the baby sleeps for 17 to 18 hours per day and he cannot differentiate between the day and the night. The
 baby wakes up to eat every 3 hours approximately during the first month. It is important to let him sleep in a quiet room, alone and on his back. It is not recommended for the baby to sleep on his side or on his belly.
  1. In case of colic, the baby can be carried and calmed down while massaging his belly
  2. In case of jaundice for more than two weeks, or a dark yellow skin or colorless feces, the caregiver should consult the physician
  3. It is important to wash the hands regularly before touching the baby. Also, it is not recommended to kiss the baby on his mouth or his fingers, even by his mother, and on his face, especially by an ill person to prevent any contamination. Lastly, it is better to prevent visiting crowded places such as malls, public transportation and others because the baby is vulnerable to get infected.
  1. Breastfeeding is always recommended because it has many benefits for the baby and the mother. In case of using bottles, they should always be sterilized. Baby formula should not be used before 6 months
  1. The car seat should fit the baby’s size and should be placed in the backseat.
  1. In case of reflux, the baby should not be fed in bed, while asleep or should be carried directly after eating to help him belch. Also, rice in the milk or prescribed medication can be added to prevent it. Lastly, the reflux is likely to stop after 6 months
  1. It is recommended to give the baby vitamin D everyday (The dose is to be prescribed by the physician)
  1. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) might happen in the first few months, usually in the morning without any previous symptoms. Some of the risk factors are: Smoking during pregnancy, drinking alcohol or drugs, lack of appropriate prenatal care, premature or underweight baby, young mother, inappropriate sleeping or temperature
Recommendations for the parents to deal with babies from 2 months-1 year
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  • Start feeding the baby solids at 6 months (with physician’s consultation)