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Date: 18/06/2018
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Warning from MoPH to the Nursery that Rejected a Sudanese Kid and Racism Awareness Sessions to be Conducted in Cooperation with the Social Affairs Ministry
The Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement:

After a media report publicized the incident of racial discrimination against a Sudanese kid who was rejected from a nursery on the complaint of some of the children’s parents, the Ministry of Public Health acted immediately to find the name and address of the nursery since it hasn’t received any formal complaint in this context. Therefore:

First: a written warning was addressed to the nursery for violating the most basic rights of human and children, including law No. 422/200 regarding the protection of children.

Second: the ministry coordinated with the Social Affairs Ministry to conduct racism awareness campaign for parents refusing the Sudanese kid to be enrolled in the nursery on one hand and help the kid’s parents to overcome the moral violence they have faced on the other hand.
Third: when contacted to be informed that the nursery accepted his kid, the kid’s father thanked the Ministry for its concern and said his kid was enrolled in another nursery.

Finally, the Ministry of Public Health urges the nurseries to respect the Bill of Child’s rights and refuse all and any forms of racial discrimination under penalty of prosecution. It also reminds the citizens of the ministry’s hotline 1214 for any complaint or information.