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Date: 20/07/2019
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Jabak Toured Nabatieh and Visited Raad and Sadek: Austerity Measures do not Apply to Health Care and South Hospitals are not Rejecting any Patient
Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak toured Nabatieh where he visited the leader of Hezbollah’s loyalty to the resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad at his office in Nabatieh.
“Minister Jabak took the initiative to visit Nabatieh in the context of his tour in South Lebanon because of its great importance at the health care level, since it is considered as the gateway to South,” Raad said in a meeting. “This visit will be followed by a series of activities and the Lebanese citizen will see the visit’s outcome at the health care level in the coming days. The Minister will follow up on the plans developed by the Ministry to ensure the health care of the citizens,” he added.
“As you can see, the hospitals located in South Lebanon and Nabatieh are not rejecting any patient for financial reasons, in particular after we took the decision to raise the financial ceiling of the governmental hospitals in the area,” Jabak stated.
“We have addressed this issue three months ago, and we work on finding solution to any problem faced by the patient through the counselors at the Ministry. The patients living in South Lebanon or Nabatieh are having no more problems in being admitted to the hospitals located there for treatment,” Jabak added.
Minister Jabak, Raad and the delegation visited Seikh Abdel Hossein Sadek who hoped that the medical card would be granted to all the Lebanese citizens without exception, and wished Jabak success in his health care plan.