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Date: 03/07/2019
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Statement on the Demands and Overdue Payments of the Governmental Hospitals' Employees
The Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak has always defended and claimed the rights of the employees without media propaganda. He has signed all the documents that facilitate the reimbursement of their wages and transferred them to the concerned entities of the government many months ago. A last payment was also transferred last June with the acquiescence of the chairmen of the boards of directors and the general directors of the hospitals. Hence, there is no negligence of demands, and the Ministry of Public Health has resorted to all legal means to that end.

As to the salary scale, the statement mentioned that the Minister of Public Health had addressed letters in which he had asked the public hospitals to implement it. However, many of these refrained from paying their employees on the basis of the salary scale, which turned out to be a purely legal problem that must be addressed and followed up by legal means through the administrative proceedings.

The statements concluded that the above-mentioned explanations showed that the problem of the employees is not with the Ministry. They have to follow up them with the competent authorities within the hospitals and the Ministry of Finance. Minister Jabak is ready to do his utmost, within his power, to help ensure the implementation of the employees’ rights.