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Date: 30/10/2018
Author: MoPH
Source: MoPH
Orientation Sessions for Rationalizing the Prescription of Psychotropic and Neurological Medications
The National Mental Health Programme at the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization organized three orientation sessions on 29 October, 4 and 10 December 2018 for psychiatrists and neurologists  “Guide for the rational prescription of medications for priority mental and neurological conditions for specialists in the public health system”. This guide advocates for the rational medication prescription and provides contextualized evidence-based pharmacological treatment to improve quality of prescription and ensure  of care.
The guide is available in English and French and published on the MOPH website and can be accessed at the following links:
Psychotropic Medication guide- English
Guide des medicaments Psychotropes- Francais
For more information, check the National Mental Health Programme’s page at
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