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Date: 06/03/2019
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Jabak: We will Maintain the Financial Ceilings of the Private Hospitals and Make them Unlimited for the Governmental Ones
Minister of Public Health Jamil Jabak held an open meeting with the owners and directors of the private hospitals and the directors of the governmental hospitals in the presence of the Ministry Director of Medical Care Dr. Jospeh El-Helou and Head of the Office of the Minister of Public Health Dr. Hasan Ammar. During the meeting, Minister Jabak introduced the plan that aims at enhancing the hospitalization sector in Lebanon, while he listened to the remarks and concerns of the attendees.
Jabak stressed on the need to enhance cooperation with the private hospitalization sector that constitutes a key partner and strengthen the public one.
The financial ceilings

Jabak announced that he was in the process of preparing the financial ceilings so as to cover all the Lebanese citizens within the possible means, while maintaining the financial ceilings of the private hospitals. He also noted that he was planning to make the financial ceilings of all the governmental hospitals in Lebanon unlimited.
“Some eligible patients cannot afford the fees at the private hospitals, and some governmental hospitals are not equipped in the rural areas. What happens to these people? In Akkar for instance, there is no governmental hospital for the treatment of patients having a heart attack. This person has to head to Tripoli for treatment that may be delayed. This also happens in Hermel, which is 60 km far from Baalback, causing death to people on the roads. Hence, we have to work in close cooperation with the private hospitals located in these areas”, Jabak added.
Minister Jabak told the attendees that he is preparing to sign contracts with some states to benefit from the services of the hospitals in Lebanon, which may increase the number of foreign patients visiting Lebanon for treatment.
Minister Jabak vowed to find a solution to secure the amounts due to the hospitals, even if this will take time.